Interior Paint Ideas

We got the keys and are starting on the interior transformation of our new condo space. As small places go, color is important to get the most of the square footage and light. These two are intertwined. The small place we currently bought is 1030 sq. feet but was painted in a yellow cream which dulled the place. See the photo below of the before:

Before: Small space colors

Before: Interior paint ideas and colors








We’ve gone with sage for the office, newsprint in the bedroom, and for the living room and halls, grey velvet. Name choices come from Benjamin Moore. When we bought the paint, the manager confirmed 4 cans for the 1000+ sq. feet. Basically a can per room. Since the unit faces the north using the available light is important. Using some gray tones we’ve used the reflection and angles in the condo unit to accentuate the color, rather than let the colors dominate.

It’s taken 2 coats of paint to cover over the yellow. While many paints claim one coat, it’s not unusual to need a second coat to cover over the previous colors. As interior painting goes, you can’t scrimp, and if the job dictates a second, then you have to accommodate. You can’t “save on paint” when it comes to painting your place. Save on other areas, but paint is there to stay and will literally leave it’s mark should you come up short.

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