Hiring A Contractor

There’s a few things that need to be done before moving into a new condo. We’re no different. We’ve got some old cabinets to be removed in the dining and 1 bedroom. There’s pictures to prove it. With any new space but especially for a condo, making the most of it is essential. Gutting out the dining room cabinet will give us at least a foot of extra space or more to work with tarjeta de crédito por internet. The bare wall will also give us more options for color and decor. We’re thinking of floating shelves…

Anyways, to remove the dining room cabinets is easy. It’s finishing things off so you can’t see the difference, is the mark. We’ve decided to hire a contractor to finish things off right. One thing on my list of to-do’s is to remove the laminate in the master bedroom. We’re going with carpet from End of the Roll. The expert at the store gave us great advice for sizes we need for our room.  Also said it’s best to remove the laminate. The laminate can make the carpet float.  They could do it for a few buck, or I can do it. This project I will take on soon once we get possession in just a few hours.

My wife is the expert for knowing carpenters and contractors. She has us lined up with the recommendation of a good contractor friend of hers / ours. Can’t wait to see what he will help us as we transform our condo into a home. For contractors, everyone knows you should do your due diligence and check references. Money should be agreed upon in writing before hand is often considered good advice. So should the whole outline or scope. I won’t go into details as there are enough articles out there with the checklists of how to work with a contractor. In the end, some would say is this someone you trust, has the skills / capabilities to fulfill on your intentions and vision within an agreed budget and time frame?

We have all the contractors lined up. Can’t wait to start the project. Starts Friday, May 16, 2014.

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